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Remarkably Better Retention
Faster Service Time
No allergies to glue**
100% immediately cured
         You can get them wet immediately
         Impervious to oils/creams/eyemakup                       removers

Humidity is no longer an issue for glue curing
Same removal process
As always- safe and professional

Faster service time

Multilingual Functionality

Advanced Tech

Safety Basics

  • LED Lamp- not UV

  • operates on a special wavelength of 395nm

  • certified UV Eyelash Glue. Not a resin or gel

  • Our lamp has 6x less power than an average lamp with 36W for curing gel nails and 1000x less power than a professional solarium which often has 5000W.

  • The exposure time is extremely short. If we calculate with an average curing time of 1.5 seconds per lash, this means, for example, with 100 applied lashes, a complete exposure time of 1.5*100 = 150 seconds = 2.5 minutes. 

  • Same technology as used in dentistry 

  • Each device evaluated individually. Exposure time, wavelength and illuminance is examined.

  • For more detailed information on certification, standards, testing and safety go to www.

lashes locks love..HEIC
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