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Hello friends, I decided to add a little video to my post because I needed to see if I could figure it out. In the video I am describing two new services at LLL. One is a new lashing system called BeamLight by Aura Monaco. It is a fairly new technique that uses an LED light to flash cure the glue. One major benefit

is that if you have experienced an allergy to the traditional lash glue, you will most likely be fine with this one. So for everyone who loved having their lashes but ended up with red, itchy eyes can once again have lash extensions.

The other service is one that is briefly described on the website. It is a maching called the Superfrecator. What makes this machine so useful is that it does two jobs. First, it can remove virtually any imperfection from your face. Capillaries, skin tags, cholesterol deposits keratosis, and the list goes on. The process is usually one and done, minimal pain, 30-45 min appt. But wait, there's more.....not to sound like a late night ad for unnecessary kitchen appliances, but seriously. This machine also can perform fibroblasting which is a process that can tighten the skin. That means it can diminish fine lines and in many cases, tighten an area in general. I have already done this treatment on several clients and everyone is impressed by the results. Stay tuned for specials and book a consult with me here to chat about what you need.

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Love the video, your lashes look amazing! Let's get to work with that machine! 😘

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